T.C.L. Co. was founded on November 1997 and provides its services in the field of quality control and heat treatment. The categories of the tests we provide are the below.

Manager of Athens’ facilities is Mr. Dipsakis Antonios with experience since 1974 in the industrial quality control services. Manager of Thessaloniki’s facilities is Mr. Avramidis Eleftherios, with presence since 1985 in the quality control field.


    • Radiographic inspection X-Rays, γ-Rays (RT)
    •  Ultrasonic inspection (UT)
    •  Magnetic particle inspection (ΜΤ)
    •  Liquid penetrant inspection (LPT)
    •  Ultrasonic thickness measurement (ΤΜ)
    •  Hardness measurement (Hardness Test)
    •  Holidaydetector-Coating Thickness-Peeling Test
    • Vacuum test
    • Positive Material Identification (PMI)
    •  Ferrite check FN% – F%


    •  Preheating – P.W.H.T – Stress relieving


    • Tensile Test
    • Bend Test
    • Charpy V- Notch Test
    • Macrographic Examination

Τhe above inspections and tests are performed by licensed professional technicians having LEVEL II according to SNT-TC 1A & PCN.

Our laboratories inAthensandThessalonikioperate under the complete approval of the appropriate ministries of Greece.

Our company, employing technicians with experience since 1975, guarantees the quality, coherence and objectivity of our work.

Our company is accredited by ESYD by ΕΛΟΤ ΕΝ ISO / IEC 17025 with certification no. 159 for destructive and non destructive tests. We are also certified according to EN ISO 9001 with certificate No. 260320-2 by QMSCERT for destructive and non destructive tests and for heat treatment of metals.

Athens’ laboratory manager:               DipsakisAntonios

Thessalonikis’ laboratory manager:    AvramidisEleftherios

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