Prior concern of AVRAMIDIS EL. – DIPSAKIS ANT. Co company but also philosophy of each executive, is to provide services that would cover completely the conventional requirements of the clients, conform with the relative legislative and lawful requirements and achieve the objectives of quality that the company has set.
The services of AVRAMIDIS EL. – DIPSAKIS ANT. Co company are accessible to all that are interested to accept the regulation of operation and the quality system.
In order to achieves the above, the Administration of Company AVRAMIDIS EL. – DIPSAKIS ANT. Co:

    • Applies Quality System according to ISO 17025, EN ISO 9001 as well as the Regulations of Accreditation by ESYD (National Accreditation System) and QMSCERT.
    • Ensures the technical sufficiency of laboratory so as the projects are fulfilled with acceptable precision, and known uncertainty of measurement for the result of each trial.
    • It ensures the disposal of qualified personnel and exterior collaborators with proved experience in each process of quality control that it undertakes.
    • It ensures the secrecy and the discretion of the personnel, as well as the safety of data and results of projects of customers.
    • Rectrospects and continuously improves the output and the effectiveness of the activities and at extension of the entire Quality System.
    • Places measurable objectives for the quality in corporate level, as well as in functional level of Departments and/or Activities. These objectives are established and evaluated as for their degree of achievement in the frames of the quality system from the Administration of company and at the end of each project it undertakes.
    • It provides the essential resources for unhindered, efficient and effective operation of each division of company.
    • It allocates executives with high scientific training and experience and it invests in their continuous briefing and education so that they promote the Quality System in each activity.

Adopting the principle of continuous improvement, AVRAMIDIS EL. – DIPSAKIS ANT. Co company recognizes and rewards the common work as well as the individual effort, invests in the person and respects the customer.


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